By Design – Issue 58, Summer 2022

24 SKETCHBOOK Kevin Atkinson, ASGCA, is overseeing a renovation of the golf course at Red Rocks Country Club in Colorado. “The course needed better variety in its par three holes, both in length and design,” said Atkinson. “I opted to modify the sixth hole to become a short par three, hoping that all golfers will use a nine iron or wedge. I utilized the Volcano green concept to create more drama in elevation with the green perched up and hanging over the edge of a severe canyon. The added elevation created better views of the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in the distance too... a nice bonus.” From the back tees the line of play is directly over a large bunker flanking the front right of the green. However, those hitting from the forward tee, located further left, will have a clear line of play. “I use my sketches for members to better understand the design concept as well as for the shaper to see the vision of the hole,” said Atkinson. “Sketching is a big part of my design process. I use my sketches to help me filter through ideas to create the best possible hole. Often, I will have several design sketches for a single hole before finally landing on what I feel is the best final design.”• Red Rocks Country Club Kevin Atkinson, ASGCA The original vision and new reality for the par-three sixth at Red Rocks